Fabrica Houses

A perfect quiet countryside getaway with lots of hospitality

Fabrica provides a chance for the visitors to get familiar with agriculture, its culture and its authentic features, to get involved in the rural activities, to taste local products and traditional cuisine and to get to know locals’ everyday life. Fabrica intends to bring the visitor in touch with nature, rural activities, where he can participate, entertain himself and feel the joy of discovery and knowledge!


Fabrica is located in Vamos, a traditional village at Chania, Crete. It lies between the sea and the mountains, offering amazing view while traditional architecture harmonizes with nature. The houses are made of white stone and the smell of Thyme and Oregano floats on the air welcoming every guest, as arouses feelings of coziness and familiarity. The small society is full of love about the country and shares the joy of friendship and communication through the Cretan-Greek hospitality.


Fabrica’s agrotouristic settlement consists of two parts: the Fabrica Houses and the Fabrica Farm. The houses are made of domestic white stone, with tile roofs, to preserve the traditional architecture and they blend in with the surrounding landscape. Every house is autonomous and functional in order to meet every visitor’s needs.

Fabrica Houses comprises three houses and the old olive oil press, where nowadays cooking classes are taking place. They were built and owned by Frantzeskakis family in 1886 in Vamos’ old neighborhood. In 2001 the building was restored to its original form and was named Fabrica as the old olive oil factory. The guesthouses follow the area’s architecture in very green surroundings, offering exceptional quiet.

Fabrica Farm includes five houses built in the olive grove owned by the family. Among the olive trees, there is a small stone-built amphitheater where many events take place and next to it lies the Philosopher’s corner, where you may meet a philosopher reciting a poem! Down the path, there’s the vegetable garden, the firewood oven and the wine press, where the wine making process takes place. The fruit-bearing trees and the aromatic plants are filling the scenery with smells and colors, which you can enjoy at the Romantic corner, under the oaks surrounded by the stream.


Special Group Offers

The hostel can also be booked for groups. Please contact the hostel directly.